“CLED, evolution of LED Technology”

Why choose the CLED’s Technology?

The energy costs are constantly increasing. We can assume and accept these substantial costs or be proactive to limit their impact

CLED technology today demonstrates a willingness to address immediately, rather than too late, energy consumption problems. Clediance offers the most advanced lighting technology and the most effective in terms of economy that currently exists on the market.

CLED is THE most ecological solution and his implementation can achieve important substantial savings in the long term.

What makes the CLED different?

The lighting CLED is a group of chemical points mounted on a small support and linked to a small sink heat. CLED lighting differs from LED insofar LEDs are essentially very small bulbs with an epoxy coating and related by a very complex and fragile electronics.
CLED’s colour is always the same in each batch (Binning: grouping of several pixels of a matrix)

CLED contain no mercury and are RoHS standards to meet EU directives on toxic chemicals.

Clediance is resolutely turned towards the future and is constantly innovating thanks to its team of researcher.

CLED (Light Emitting Diode Chemical) can be considered as the new generation of LED technology.

CLED can save up to 90% of the monthly energy consumption.

We are targeting large energy consumers in electrical lightings, commercial, industrial and manufacturing sites. Our lighting solution meets the increasing cost of energy and the will to stabilize electricity needs at national and European level. Our close collaboration with the manufacturer and previous projects have demonstrated efficacy both in energy savings in expenditure control. Clediance is the exclusive provider of CLEDs in the European Community. We offer a suitable quality lighting solution, targeting efficiency and reliability and durability.